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Application Url

The Rails application url that Storybook calls for story html is configured in .storybook/preview.js. FOr local development this is typically:

// .storybook/preview.js
export const parameters = {
  server: {
    url: `http://localhost:3000/rails/stories`,

Other environements, such as production, require equivalent configuration.

Stories Path

Story classes live in test/components/stories, which can be configured using the stories_path setting. For example to use RSpec set the following configuration:

# config/application.rb
config.view_component_storybook.stories_path = Rails.root.join("spec/components/stories")

Stories Route

Stories are served from http://localhost:3000/rails/stories by default. To use a different endpoint, set the stroies_route option:

# config/application.rb
config.view_component_storybook.stroies_route = "/stories"

This example will make the previews available from http://localhost:3000/stories.

Configuring Asset Hosts

Storybook typically runs on a different port or url from the Rails application. To use Javascript, CSS or other assets served by the Rails application in ViewComponents configure asset_hosts apporpriately. For local development this is often as a simple as adding to config/development.rb:

# config/development.rb
config.action_controller.asset_host =  'http://localhost:3000'

Equivalent configuration is necessary in config/production.rb or config/application.rb based on the deployment environments.